Report on Presentations Informing Classicists about the Senior Classics Project

Report of our Presentation at the American Classical League's National Institute, Albuquerque, NM, June 2005, by Ginny Anderson, instructor. Read the report.

Classical Association of New England
April 1, 2, 2005
St. Joseph's College, Standish, ME
by Barbara Patla, instructor

The Classical Association of New England is comprised of Latin and Greek teachers in New England. The program director invited Barbara Patla to make an hour-long presentation about the Senior Classics Project, similar to the presentation made at the ClassConn meeting in October 2004. This presentation also included a demonstration of the course procedures, using a computer connected to the Internet.

The report on, and demonstration of, the Latin 101 course was enthusiastically received. There were about thirty people in the audience. Barbara was able to show how assignments were made and how the student responses were posted on discussions on the web site. The students' work that was displayed was impressive. Teachers and professors were delighted that Latin was being taught to so many senior citizens. Barbara spoke informally with quite a few people who did not attend the presentation; they, too, were interested and encouraging.

About a dozen publishers were there displaying their Greek and Latin texts. Barbara was able to bring home a few sample Latin texts and readers. She spoke with Professor Gil Lawall, one of the authors of Athenaze, the text in the new SeniorNet Greek 101 course in Fall 2005. When Barbara expressed concern about how to present pronunciation of Greek words to the SeniorNet students, Professor Lawall indicated that Professor Miner would provide a CD disk with the pronunciation of all Greek words in the first five lessons. When Professor Miner gave her the disk, he said that it could be copied for student use without any copyright infringement and that other disks were available at no cost. As a result, Barbara has arranged for students in the Greek course to have copies of the CD when they begin their study in September. She was also able to get a good recommendation for the text Athenaze from a teacher using it with her high school students.

This was a very stimulating meeting in a brand new building at St Joseph's College of Maine. The talks were interesting and informative. As a retired Latin and Greek teacher in secondary schools and college, Barbara enjoyed meeting and talking with friends and colleagues again.

Report of our Presentation at the American Classical League's National Institute: A Student's View, Philadelphia, PA, June 2006, by Alliemae, first year Latin student. Read the report.

Connecticut Classical Association
October 1, 2004
Valley Regional High School, Deep River, CT
by Barbara Patla, instructor

The Connecticut Classical Association (ClassConn) is a professional organization of Greek and Latin teachers from elementary schools to college classrooms. There were about forty-five members present. The Senior Classics Project' Latin and Greek instructor Barbara Patla made a 20 minute presentation about Latin courses for older adults offered by the Project. She described the organization, text, lesson plans and students' replies to assignments. The geographical scope of the homes of the participants from Canada to Australia was also included. Finally, comments from students were read expressing gratitude, enthusiasm and pride in accomplishment.

The audience listened to the presentation with interest. After the presentation many teachers and professors expressed enthusiasm for the initiative. They were pleased that senior citizens have this opportunity to learn Latin and find it enjoyable as well as stimulating.