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photo of student with Latin booksHave you always wanted to learn Latin but thought it was too late? Or did you take it years ago, remember it fondly, and wish you could enjoy it again?

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Although our courses are offered for enrichment and not credit, our students are at the very top of Latin achievement.

Each year qualified students are offered the opportunity to take the National Latin Exam. We are very proud of our students, those who took the test and those who didn't. They all exemplify a love of lifelong learning, and achievement. Read about our results from previous years.

Background about SeniorLearn's Latin Courses
The Senior Classics Project began in 2004 on, when three retired Latin teachers began teaching Latin pro bono online to a new generation of Latin students: adults age 50 and older. The Project continues to offer Classical Latin courses to hundreds of students from 13 countries on Come learn Latin in the company of enthusiastic lifelong learners!

This groundbreaking project has been enthusiastically received at several state and national classics conferences. Read about the participation of our instructors and students in several Classics conferences.

The project also includes the publication of a well-respected online magazine called Ecce, which welcomes contributions by students.

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Student comments

The 101 class was one of the best learning experiences I have encountered!

One of the great advantages of this course is that we learn so much not only from our teacher but also from others and from each other's mistakes.

I am still amazed on a daily basis that an opportunity like this is available. Although I suppose it's theoretically possible to study Latin on your own, I know I couldn't make it very far without this kind of supported environment, most importantly having such quality teaching! Having your explanations, your kind corrections of our mistakes, your encouragement -- it's really as close to being in an actual classroom as I can imagine.

Isn't it just wonderful to still be this excited about learning! And it's so nice to be together with those who feel the same!

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